it just a dream

I wish I could spend my whole life with him 
 when he need someone listen to him
i wish i will be there
in every way and in every condition

 to him,

i wish i could be part in ur life
even not special one, 
urmm maybe  a close friend

dedicated this song to him

Tommy page - a shoulder to cry on

Life is full of lots of up and downs
But the distance feels further
When it's headed for the ground
And there's nothing more painful
Then to let your feelings take
you down

It's so hard to know
The way you feel inside
When there's many thoughts
And feelings that you hide
But you might feel better
If you let me walk with you
By your side

And when you need
A shoulder to cry on
When you need
A friend to rely on
When the whole world is gone
You won't be alone
I'll be there
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
I'll be there
I'll be your friend to rely on
When the whole world's gone
You won't be alone 'cause I'll be there

All of the times
When everything is wrong
And your feeling like
There's no use going on
You can't give it up
I'll help you work it out
And carry on

Side by side
With you till the end
I'll always be the one
A Shoulder To Cry On Continued
To firmly hold your hand
No matter what is said or done
Our love will always continue on


eden ujang berkata...

kau tau je kan ni lagu aq..haha
lama gila lagu ni.. aq penah dedicated lagu ni kot dkat tett !

CIK Bun Bun berkata...

haha,,,mne ak tau ni lgu kau,,ak pon ske lagu nie sgt2,,best kot,,ko dedicate kat spe ha?jeng jeng jeng.hee

eden ujang berkata...

Ape yg haaa nye cik buntal?

CIK Bun Bun berkata...


eden ujang berkata...

Mksud aq.. Jeng-jeng tu laa.


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